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Mobile Housing Made From Ocean-Going Cargo Containers
Steel ocean-going cargo containers can be converted into low-cost mobile housing for farm workers, says a Washington company which converts 20, 24, and 40-ft. cargo containers into mobile housing units.
MTH Inc. (Modular Transportable Housing) of Yakima, converts the containers into a wide variety of designs for housing or work areas. The container houses sell for $12,000 to $17,000 depending on the design.
"They're built super strong yet are also attractive and comfortable to live in," says Jim Wiley of MTH.
The company starts with surplus refrigerated ocean containers. They remove the refrigeration units and install doors and windows as well as interior framing, wiring, plumbing, insulation and interior finish to the customer's design specifications. The outside of the units is available either painted or finished with decorative siding. The container's original end-mounted access door provides easy access to the mechanical area which includes the water heater, main wiring, and plumbing.
"They're made from CSC plated solid steel which makes them virtually indestructible. You might skin them up but you won't hurt them," says Wiley. "They also work great as a summer cotage or lake home. No foundation is necessary. There's no plumbing below the floor except where the main water line comes in. Vinyl-covered wall panels are used to separate the rooms. We can add aluminum framed windows, ceiling insulation, insulated exterior walls, electric baseboard heat, wall-mounted air conditioner, undercounter refrigerator, and more. A sloped aluminum roof is optional.
"The units can even be placed side by side, end to end, or stacked on top of each other to make a two-story building. They can be shipped by highway, rail, or sea to their final destination.
"We can ship ready-to-live-in containers anywhere in the country. For example, shipping by truck from Washington to Minnesota costs about $2,300."
The company also converts cargo containers into collapsible storage sheds that can be easily handled by a forklift via a hook at the top center. The sheds are 7 ft. wide, 7 ft. 8 in. long, and 8 ft. high and collapse to 2 ft. high. The units can be stacked on top of each other for additional storage capacity. They sell for about $800 apiece.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, MTH Modular Transportable Housing, 1011 Schuller Grade, Yakima, Wash. 98908 (ph 509 248-8616; fax 8656).

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