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Hydraulic Wire Roller
Rolling up 6-strand woven wire is an easy chore for Robert Burdette who build a hydraulic-powered wire roller out of scrap parts from around his farm. He also uses the roller for barbed wire and it could be used for high-tensile electric wire.
The trailing 2-wheel rig is pulled by a hinged tongue that can be moved back and forth by hydraulic cylinder to tip the wire spool either direction in order to keep wire rolling on straight.
The wire spool has a square center shaft and four long rods that run the full width of the spool, spaced around the center shaft. The rods, threaded at either end, are a couple inches longer than the height of the woven wire, and they fasten to the round wheel at either end with nuts. Once the wire is rolled up, the spool is disassembled and the rods and center shaft slipped out of the roll. Then the spool is reassembled and put back on the roller.
When rolling up barbed wire, Burdette simply uses shorter spacer rods, making a spool 12 to 16 in. wide.
The spool is driven by a hydraulic motor which chain-drives a large sprocket connected to the spool.
Burdette used an old field sprayer as the basis for the machine. A tripod frame that rises up above the wire spool is used to lift the rolls of wire from the machine with a block and tackle.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Burdette, 206 7th Ave. NW, Bowman, N. Dak. 58623.

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