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Oil Analyzer Helps Prevent Breakdowns
"I believe it will become a very valuable tool on every farm," predicts Herman Lee, Borup, Minn., farmer and one of the first farmers in the U.S. to use a do-it-yourself analyzer to determine when to change oil in tractors, trucks, combines and other equipment. "It helps prevent serious engine problems," says Lee, who uses an analyzer manufactured by Northern Instruments Corp., Lino Lakes, Minn. The company's Lubri-Sensor oil quality analyzer helps prevent expensive engine overhauls by detecting premature oil failure, explains Lee, who also is a stockholder in the company. Using only a few drops of oil taken off the dipstick, the analyzer: 1. Provides advance warning of potential lubrication failure by detecting excessive oxidation buildup or fuel dilution; 2. Provides advance warning of potential mechanical failure by detecting the presence of metal particles; 3. Cuts "down time" by suggesting action that postpones the need for costly overhauls, and 4. Helps get maximum use or mileage out of oil.
All this information is available in seconds, without sending samples elsewhere for analysis. The unit gives top performance even with new synthetic oils, explains the manufacturer. To test an oil sample, you first place in the sensor cup three or four drops of oil of the type to be tested, and adjust the meter needle to zero. Next, you clean the sensor cavity and place in it three or four drops of the used oil. The meter needle will deviate in a direction (increase or decrease) of the change in the electrochemical property. Questionable readings will fall into one of three groups: Group One: Indicates accumulations of soot, sludge, dirt or oxidation. Group two: Indication of water, anti-freeze, acidss or metal particles. Group three: Indicates presence of gasoline. This reading, however slight, calls for immediate action to identify the source of the dilution.
The battery-operated Lubri-Sensor is 4 in. high, 91/2 in. long and 5 in. wide. Weighs about 2 lbs. and sells for $390. For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Northern Instruments Corp., 6680 N. Highway 49, Lino Lakes, Minn. 55014 (ph. 612 784-1250).

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