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Easy Way To Rinse Chemical Containers
Somebody finally figured out a fast, easy way to completely and thoroughly rinse chemical containers.
"You'll more than pay for it in one season," says Larry Siefken, president of S & S Systems, Palmer, Iowa, manufacturer of the new )et Rinse.
You simply attach a garden hose, or a hose from the nurse tank, to the devise and jab it into the bottom of the can. It has its own pointed, built in "stabber", making it easy to stab into 1 to 5 gal. containers made either of metal or plastic. It leaves a hole in the bottom of the can to prevent reuse of the container for other purposes.
"The importance of rinsing the chemical container is to permit total usage of material inside the can, and also the safety factor involved with chemicals left in cars. Many landfills and salvage yards will not accept empty chemical cans that have not been properly rinsed," Siefken points out. "Studies at Oregon State University indicate that as much as 6 oz. of chemical - worth up to $3 - remain in an unrinsed 5 gal. conitainer, regardless of attempts to completely empty it) Jet Rinse sells for $12.95.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, S & S Systems, Route 1, Box 75, Palmer, Iowa 50571 (ph 712-359-2467).

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