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Oil Change Cart
William Bunde, Lyons, S. Dak., built an oil changing cart that automatically refills engine crankcases and reduces the chances of getting dirt into the engine as often hap-pens when using funnels and cans.
"I use this cart to change oil on all my equipment. It really simplifies oil changes and saves so much time that I can't under-stand why someone hasn't thought of it before," says Bunde. "It takes 5 min. or less to change oil and while the cart is filling the tractor with oil I can do something else. The hoses work great for filling hard-to-reach hydraulic reservoirs, such as the one on my Deere 7720 combine. The sight gauge on the cart's oil reservoir tells me at a glance how much oil has been put into the tractor and how much more should be added."
The self-contained cart, built from 3/4-in. pipe, is 40 in. long, 36 in. wide and 20 in. high. It's supported by two wheelbarrow tires in the rear and one caster wheel in front. A 12-ga. metal platform supports a 12-V battery and a 15-gal. barrel which holds the dirty oil. Bunde made it by cutting a barrel in half and welding handles on its sides. A raised platform supports a 5-gal. pail which holds new oil. Bunde cut a hole in the bottom of the pail and installed a 3/4-in. fitting for the oil fill hose. The cart also contains a battery-powered pump, a record book case, and hooks for filter wrenches.
Bunde uses the pump on the oil change cart both to refill oil and to refill the cart from a 30-gal. oil barrel in his shop. To fill a tractor crankcase with oil, he connects a hose from the oil reservoir on the cart to the crankcase fill hole, opens up the reservoir valve, and flips on the pump.
To drain old oil from the crankcase, he simply places the 15-gal. half-barrel under the crankcase's drain opening. "The 15-gal. pail is large enough that it won't overflow. There's nothing I hate more than trying to drain 5 or 6 gal. of oil into 1 or 2-gal. pails," says Bunde.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Bunde, Box 27, Lyons, S. Dak. 57041 (ph 605 543-5522).

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