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Vehicle Bump Opens This New Style Gate
You'll like this new-style gate that you open from either side simply by gently bumping it with your car, pickup or tractor.
Once bumped, the new mechanically-operated Ramrod Bumpgate automatically swings open either way and remains open for 12 to 15 seconds, allowing plenty of time for you to drive through before it automatically closes and latches.
Any vehicle with an ordinary bumper, or any tractor with a guard in front of the grill, can "bump" the gate open, which means that even visitors can operate the gate with-out leaving the seat of their vehicle, notes inventor-manufacturer Ron Muntz. You can even bump the gate with your tractor's front-end loader, provided you roll the bucket back.
The new-style gate is equipped on both sides with an A-shaped assembly which, when bumped, releases the gate through spring action. The gate is suspended by a guide wire which, in turn, through gravity, returns to the center of balance for automatic closing. No electrical or solar components are involved, allowing installation in remote and difficult-to-reach areas.
The standard 7-rail gate frame, constructed of industrial-grade steel, is 14 ft. wide and 4.5 ft, high on the hinge pole end but only 4 ft. high on the receiver pole end. The gate accommodates most standard vehicles and stock trailers and is available with a "horseman's handle" for easy opening on horseback. Also available is an easily adjustable speed control. A delay unit is available for narrow roadways and longer loads.
The main part of the gate hangs 8 in. above the ground, although the outer end hangs 14 in. above the ground because it's 6 in. shorter. After you bump the gate, it will climb 4 to 12 in. as it swings open. "The entire gate can swing free even if there's a 12 in. rise in your road," notes Muntz.
Each gate unit is shipped complete and ready to install. The kit includes a 4.5 by 14 ft. gate frame, latch, two pole clamps, two slip fittings for the stabilizer bar, 15 ft. of aircraft cable and miscellaneous bolts and hardware. You supply the hinge pole, receiver pole and horizontal stabilizer bar for mounting the gate. "The hinge pole and receiver pole can consist of a standard 21 ft. lengths of black 4 in. pipe," says Muntz. "You put them 4 1/2 ft. in the ground and anchor them with concrete, leaving the poles 16 1/2 ft. above the ground."
According to Muntz, the gate has been successfully used in snow-belt states such as the Dakotas and Montana.
Sells for $2,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ramrod Bumpgates,760 Antelope Rd., Reno, Nev. 89506 (ph 775-233-2390).

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