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Low-Cost Alarm For Driveways
For less than $50, you can install an alarm system that lets you know when somebody drives into your driveway. The buzzer announcing friend or foe is located in the house and sounds whenever a vehicle drives in or out.
"It's more reliable than a watchdog," says Vincent Kramper, manufacturer and distributor of the Kramper alarm. "Besides serving as a burglar alarm, it's a convenience which can be enjoyed every day. For example, if you're expecting
company, the alarm alerts you when they drive in so you can meet them at the door. It also lets housewives know when tractors leave or return from the field."
Everything you need to install the complete system yourself is included in the basic kit, which sells for $39.50. The kit includes 20 ft. of filling station type hose for laying across the drive way, an all-weather tight box to be mounted on a stake or post beside the driveway, 100 ft. of wire which can be buried or strung to the house, and an alarm which plugs into a 110 V. outlet at the house (or any other place you elect to locate the alarm). The alarm uses electricity only when ringing and makes a sound similar to a telephone.
The system, which can be adapted to more than one driveway, is available with an optional attachment which automatically turns on a yard or house light for two minutes every time the alarm sounds.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kramper Enterprises, Dakota City, Neb. 68731 (ph. 402 987-3560).

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