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Battery-Powered Riding Mower
"It's an idea whose time has come," says inventor Newton Gingerich, Electric Tractor Corp., Baden, Ontario.
The front-wheel drive 9620 uses six 6-volt deep cycle batteries to power three direct-drive motors mounted on top of a 3-blade, 44-in. deck. It combines near-zero turn capability with the convenience of in-finitely variable speed control. A joystick is used to steer the unit.
"It can be used with several different attachments, including a snowblower, blade (with springs and various angle settings), and wheelbarrow-type dumper," says Gingerich. "It runs quiet, is pollution-free, and requires almost no maintenance. There's no gas or oil to mess with, no noxious fumes, and no belts or pulleys to replace or adjust. You can mow two to four acres of lawn be-fore the batteries need a recharge, depending on terrain and depth of cut. It takes about 5 1/2 hours to recharge the batteries. How-ever, it takes only about one hour for the bateries to reach 90% of their top capacity. It costs about 50 cents (Canadian) to completely recharge the batteries.
"The blades are equipped with six free-wheeling, stainless steel blade tips that do a fantastic job but don't throw rocks or get damaged by them. The deck tilts up making it easy to wash the blades. A quick-tach deck mount system equipped with a robotic arm is used to lift or lower the deck as well as other attachments. To switch attachments all you do is press a button. A 20-ft. retract-able 110-volt cord on back of the tractor can be used to operate a weed or hedge trimmer and can be used to operate appliances or shop tools. The tractor's batteries can be also used as a power supply for appliances during a power blackout and can deliver up to 3 days worth of electricity. A gauge on the dash shows how much power is left in the batteries."
Sells for $7,995 (Canadian) and has a 3-year warranty. Price includes batteries, battery recharger, and 600-watt inverter. The deck sells for $1,695. Optional equipment includes a 1,500-watt inverter upgrade that sells for $800; 44-in. snowblower for $2,295; 44-in. blade for $785, and wheelbarrow-type dumper for $590.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Electric Tractor Corp., 565 Snyder's Road East, Baden, Ontario, Canada N0B 1G0 (ph 519 634-8818).

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