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Build Yourself A Motorized Bathtub
Edward Kramer (that's him in the tub) can hardly keep up with all the parades he gets invited to since folks heard about the motorized bathtub he built. It's one of the cleverest crowd pleasers you ever saw.
The car's body is an old-style bathtub with a caster wheel mounted in front. The power train is a Chevrolet rear end turned backwards and equipped with a 14 in. pulley on the rear drive. An 8 hp. gas engine provides the power. A belt idler clutch is cabled into the tub.
Steering is done by a lever on each side which connects to the wheel brake. Pulling one lever back, for example, causes the tub to turn in a continuous circle until the driver lets go.
"It was real inexpensive to build since all of the parts were picked up here and there from junk piles. I've had a lot of fun with it," says Edward.
For more details, send a selfaddressed stamped envelope to: FARM SHOW Followup, Edward Kramer, Route 2, Flandreau, S. Dak. 57028.

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