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Powered Tire Chains For Cars, Trucks
You've never seen anything like these powered tire chains that mount beside the front wheels on your pickup, car, or truck to get you through slippery conditions with the flip of a switch, says Onspot of North America, Inc., Stratford, Conn.
Six lengths of chain attach to a free-wheeling rotor that drops down against the bottom of each drive wheel when activated by an electric switch in the cab. Friction between the tire and rotor turns the chains.
"They give you the benefits of tire chains but you don't have to stop to put them on," says spokesman Ron Rosenbalm.
An air cylinder moves the chain rotor in and out.
"The chains work in both forward and reverse," says Rosenbalm. "They're easy to mount on emergency vehicles, school buses, service or utility vehicles, etc., as well as trucks ranging from 1/2-ton pick-ups to semi tractors. The air cylinder can operate off the vehicle's onboard air system or a 12-volt compressed air kit. The chains aren't designed to be used in deep, untracked snow. They need a hard surface to bite into and don't work in mud unless there's only 1 or 2 inches of mud overlying hard ground. However, there's nothing like them for traction on ice."
Sells for $1,395 without air compressor; $1,760 with compressor. Installation cost is $350 to $650.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Onspot of North America, Inc., 810 Access Road, Stratford, Ct. 06497 (ph 800 766-7768).

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