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Fat Dispenser For Livestock Rations
New from Feed Fat Dispensing Systems is a trailer-mounted liquid fat dispenser that makes possible the addition of fat to livestock and poultry rations.
Adding liquid fat, such as yellow grease, to hog, poultry and cattle rations is gaining popularity. Fat is high in energy - 2.25 times that of corn, pound for pound, and therefore reduces the amount of grain or other concentrates that must be fed to produce weight gains.
Hog producers, backed by limited university research, also claim that sows perform better when fed fat in their rations, that their pigs are healthier, and that more of them survive to weaning.
Producers claim there is less feed wastage, that feed is more palatable and easier to handle, and that there is less dust. Augers move easily; feeders work well and need very little adjusting.
The fat dispenser is designed so that livestock and poultry producers, or feed manufacturers, can pick up fat direct from a renderer or other distribution point, and mix it into rations and feed supplements. It is claimed that the unit has the flexibility to add the fat to portable, upright, or horizontal mixers, or mixer-mills.
The dispenser comes with two tanks holding 11/z tons of fat each. There is 3 in. of insulation on the top, bottom and sides. Tanks are hoppered for self cleaning.
The dispenser's heaters operate on 220-volt single-.phase current, and the pump and compressor operate on 110 volts. Energy use is law because of insulation.
The compressor is for blowing the lines from dispenser to pump, and pump to mixer, to prevent clogging.
The dispenser is 69 in. high, 144 in. long and 96 in. wide. Empty weight is 2,600 lbs. Comes with turn signals, tail lights and brakes.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Les Cottrill, 307 Farmdale Rd., Hopkins, Minn. 55343 (ph 612 935-1425).

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