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Maxi-Barbecuer Cooks Whole Hog
You can cook "whole hog" with this complete barbecues from Holstein Mfg., Holstein, Iowa.
The gas-powered Maxi-Barbecue has a rotisserie large enough to handle whole hogs up to about 230 lbs. live weight. The barbecue is built on a trailer and comes complete with turn signals and a heavy duty hitch for over-the-road travel.
"Hog farmers, dealers, caterers, associations and assorted individuals from different walks of life all buy our barbecues," says Bruce Schmidt, president of Holstin Mfg. "We also have factory rental barbecues which are available at $40 a day."
The barbecue's nickel-plated rotisserie turns at 2 rpm. If the rotisserie isn't needed, it can be replaced with a flat grill for regular barbecueing of chicken, steaks, hamburgers or whatever. The grill area (6 ft. by 40 in.) is raised above 4 pipe burners and 48 lbs. of grill rock. The trailer comes with 2 40-lb. propane tanks. There is storage space beneath the grill area. Entire unit weighs approximately 1,100 lbs.
Smith says it takes 8 to 9 hrs. to cook a 230 lb. hog at 350 degrees. "We inject our hogs with a mixture of apple juice, soy sauce and beer. A 230 lb. hog will dress out at 140 to 150 lbs., and out of that you will get about 100 lbs. of meat. Depending on the size of the servings, a hog weighing 230 lbs. will feed 200 to 300 people. Some owners have custom cooked as many as 75 to 80 hogs a year with our portable Maxi-Barbecue."
The unit, equipped for LP gas, sells for $2,010. An identical charcoal burning model lists for $1,510. Options include a flat griddle for pancakes.    ,
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bruce Schmidt, Holstein Mfg., Box 135, Holstein, Iowa 51025 (ph 712 368-4342).

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