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Rotary "Chaffer" Saves Grain, Boosts Combine Capacity
"It replaces solid-type auxiliary chaffer pans or fingers at the front of the shoe to improve separation and delivery of crop material to sieves," says Gary Porter of Porta Products, Inc., Rosalia, Wash., about the company's add-on Porta Picker for Deere and IH combines.
The Porta Picker consists of two side-by-side rotors fitted with hundreds of spinning fingers. It receives unseparated grain and chaff from the delivery auger or elevator and thoroughly breaks it up and separates it before dropping it,onto the main shoe chaffer sieve. As the Porta Picker rotates, chaff is picked up and suspended in the air by the cleaning fan, never getting a chance to pile up on the sieve.
"It's especially effective in heavy crops and on hillsides because it evenly feeds materials to the sieve at all times no matter what the terrain or how heavy the flow of material," says Porter.
The unit is chain-driven by the straw walker shaft and takes about 3 to 4 hrs. to install. It spins at 280 rpms and, accorditg to Porter, can save up to 20% of grain under adverse conditions. Fits Deere 55, 95, 105, 4400, 6600, 6602, 6622, 7700, and 8820 combines, and International 1440, 1460, 1470 and 1480 combines. Sells for $500 to $600, depending on the model.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Porta Products and Machine Co., Inc., Box 157, Rosalia, Wash. 99170 (ph 509 523-3451 or 509 523-3745).

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