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Update-Fish Carburetor Comback
"We've got all the bugs worked out," says Mike Brown of. the Brown Carburetor Co., Draper, Utah, who has brought back the Fish carburetor which was notorious in the late 50's until it went out of production in 1959. "We will replace any defective units and take care of any other problems that resulted from the reintroduction of this out-standing carburetor."
Brown explains that when the Fish first came on the market, it was installed on more than 1/2 million cars. It eventually went off the market because of business problems in the company.
Brown offers a guarantee that mileage will increase a minimum of 20% with the carburetor but says it increases mileage 30, 40 or even 50% on some vehicles. A key feature of the unit is that, with its adjustable jet size, it readily adapts to burning alcohol and other alternative fuels. It is not a vaporizing carburetor like many of the other high-mileage carburetors which have been developed in recent years.
The carburetor has six jets and just 17 parts, only three of which move, compared with hundreds of parts in some conventional carburetors. Because the jet size is adjustable, you can switch the carburetor from gas to alcohol, or kerosene or other fuels, in just two to three minutes. You can 'lean down' the fuel air mixture so far that no exhaust emissions will register on regular testing equipment. Or, you can set it for a 30% increase in horsepower.
"This feature is especially important to farmers who haul big trailers. They can set the carburetor for high horsepower when loaded and cut it back when running empty for better gas economy," says Brown.
The current model is designed to be used, with adapter plates purchased through a firm in Kentucky, on any vehicle from a 225 cu. in. 6-cyl. to a 500 cu. in. V-8. It retails for $189.50 and the adapter plates sell for $30 to $40. Brown is looking for dealers.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brown Carburetor Co.. P.O. Box 89, Draper, Utah 84020 (ph 801 571-9452).

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