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Lazy Susan Bolt Bin
A junked car axle standing on end works great as the base fora `Lazy Susan" bolt bin, according to Paul Dudley, Cato, N.Y., who came up with the idea 5 years ago and now uses it every day.
"We like it because it requires so little floor space and leaves the walls free. It handles all our bolts and nuts from 1/4-in. to 7/8 in. dia. With everything in one place it's easy to take inventory," Dudley told FARM SHOW.
He started with a junked rear car axle, removing the pinion gear and welding the two sides of the axle together with a piece of angle iron. Then he put a wheel and tire on one end and stood the axle on end so it turns freely on the tire base. A4-in. steel ring was welded to the top of the axle so Dudley can move the unit with a front-end loader or overhead hoist.
The last step was to weld angle iron brackets to the axle and bolt 1 by 5's to them to support the 7-in. elevator buckets used to hold the nuts and bolts. Overall dimensions of the rotating bin are 32 in. wide and 5 ft. high.
"One feature we added that's real handy is a built-in yardstick on each face of the bin. I used a hacksaw to cut notches at 1/2-in. intervals on the edge of a bucket. Now you can tell how long a bolt is without looking all over for a tape measure," says Dudley.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Dudley, 13056 Bonta Bridge Rd., Rt. 1, Cato, N.Y. 13033 (ph 315 626-6603).

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