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New Way To Worm Beef, Dairy Cattle
Australian cattlemen who've used it are excited about rumen injection, a new faster and easier way to worm beef and dairy cattle.
Developed by the Syntex Corp., headquartered in Palo Alto, Cal., rumen injection was first cleared for use in Australia in Feb. 1983. Other foreign countries already using it include the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, France, Mexico and several other countries.
"It's a real innovation in drenching cattle," says Andy Phaneuf, vice president of international marketing who works out of Syntex headquarters in Palo Alto. "The key advantage with rumen injection is that it's about twice as fast as oral drenching. We've made application and hope to have it cleared for use in the U.S. in the near future," Phaneuf told FARM SHOW.
Syntex markets a special gun for injecting a smaller but more concentrated formulation of Synanthic, an Oxfendazole wormer developed by Syntex, directly through the animal's skin and into the rumen.
The operator simply places the injector gun firmly against the animal's body, positioning it between the ribs and "hip high" on the animal's left side when viewed from behind. Pull the trigger and the spring-loaded gun inserts the needle and automatically releases the dose inside the rumen. Advantages claimed include:
•No carcass damage to the animal.
•Control of roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and all stages of Ostertagia.
•Rumen injection of Synanthic, in countries where it's been cleared, has very few restraints on its use for beef and dairy animals. For example, it can be administered to lactating cows, pregnant cows, and without any diet restrictions. For about 20 cents more than oral drenching costs, it cuts drenching time in half. One man can treat 200 to 250 600 lb. animals per hour.
The gun itself sells for $100 in Australia. You set the dial to the animal's weight and the gun automatically injects the proper dose. The injection only takes about 3 seconds per animal and it's 100% accurate in terms of hitting the rumen every time, says the manufacturer.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andy Pheneuf, Vice President of International Marketing, Syntex Corp., 3401 Hillview Ave., P.O. Box 10850, Palo Alto, Cal. 94303 (ph 415 855-5911).

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