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Sell Gallstones For $100 Per Ounce
If you butcher cattle on the farm or have access to cattle carcasses, you can make extra money selling the gallstones found inside the gall bladder (a small sac attached to the liver) to an unusual business in the Far East.
Hong Kong businessman K.K. Poon pays $100 per ounce for the stones, which are needed for research projects in the Orient.
Poon told FARM SHOW that only a small percentage of gall bladders actually contain stones so you need to open each bladder and check. The stones are brown in color and look like clay. They range from about the size of a pigeon egg, which would weigh less than an ounce, up to hen's egg size, which could weigh several ounces. Poon cautions that he needs only the stones, not the bladders themselves.
Once you've found several stones, you should dry them in natural air, wrap them in plastic, and airmail them to Hong Kong. Don't let the stones get moldy as it makes them less valuable, and wrap them carefully so they don't break in transit.
Poon has been buying gallstones from throughout the world for more than 40 years. He also buys gallstones from hogs, sheep and goats but they should be kept separate and clearly identified. Fees are paid in U.S. funds.
For a free information packet that describes how to sell gallstones to the Far East, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mr. K.K. Poon, P.O. Box 71460, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong.

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