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Device Cracks, Opens Eggs Without The Mess
Latest new kitchen gadget is a simple, easy-to-use tool for cracking and opening eggs without dropping shells in the frying pan or dribbling yolk on the counter.
Invented by Mike Sampson, Deronda, Wis., the egg opener works like this: With the opener closed, you set the egg in with the "skinny" end down. It's held secure by a spring loaded arm.
Next, punch a hole in the egg shell using the small pointed blade that slides within the handle. Small cracks will appear on each side of this hole. Now, with the blade extended, you separate the two arms of the opener, which opens the bottom of the egg, like a door on a hinge, dropping the yolk and white into the pan or bowl.
Who's going to forgo the traditional method of cracking eggs on the edge of the frying pan or mixing bowl?
"The same people that use electric knives and electric can openers," answers Sampson. "Like these common kitchen utensils, this new egg opener isn't a necessity, but makes a task easier - - and cleaner by keeping shell fragments out of the pan.
Sampson is looking for a manufacturer. He hopes to retail the opener for less than $10.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Sampson, Rt. 2, Box 200, Deronda, Wis. 54008.

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