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Manurigation System Pipes Slurry To Fields
"You don't waste time driving back and forth to manure storage," says Dan Branton, ag engineer, who's invented "Manurigation", a new system for injecting liquid manure in fields up to a mile away from liquid manure pits or slurry tanks, connected only by flexible hose and aluminum pipe.
Systems Design Ltd., of Delavan, Wis., has so far sold some 20 Manurigation systems. Using your own chisel plow equipped with a manure injector manifold, you can inject up to 1,000 continuous gal. per minute. The chisel plow and injector are connected by irrigation hose to the manure source. By following special driving patterns in the field, Branton says there are no tangle problems with the flexible hose which trails behind the plow. Aluminum pipe is used to reach fields more than 1,000 ft. away.
Branton told FARM SHOW that his system has been tested two years, and that the flexible hose will last as long or longer than the flexible hose commonly used on traveling irrigation guns.
A 660-ft. standard length hose covers 10-12 acres. The tractor powering the manure pump needs to be at least 125 hp., and it takes a 125 to 185 hp. tractor, depending on soil type, to pull the injector and flexible hose. Injection can be as deep as 12 in., using either 4 or 6 knives, or manure can be top-dressed. Swath width varies from 12 to 16 ft.
Branton explains that hog manure from pits works well and that any liquid needs to be thin 10% solids or thinner to work well.
Up to 12 acres can be covered before having to stop and make another hose hook-up. The injection system can be modified to fit onto a farmer's existing chisel or moldboard plow, or Branton's chisel-injector can double as a straight tillage tool.
The driver controls the rate of liquid injection from the tractor seat. Branton said he's used one flexible hose for a year and a half to knife in"millions of gallons," without wearing out the hose.
Cost of the system, including a 660-ft. flexible hose but not aluminum pipe, is $23,000.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Systems Design Ltd., Box 311, Delavan, Wis..53115 (ph 414 728-5181).

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