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Grass Seeder Mounts On Culti-Packer
An old grass seeder designed to mount on a grain drill works great when placed on top of a 9-ft. wide culti-packer. The grass seeder is driven by a ground-driven press wheel unit off an old Deere corn planter. Gaylord Kaduce, Owen, Wis., pulls the culti-packer and grass seeder combination behind his Massey-Harris grain drill.
"The grass seeder works better on the culti-packer than it would on a drill be-cause the culti-packer does a better job of covering the seed at just the right depth," says Kaduce, who uses the grass seeder to plant clover and alfalfa. The drill is used to plant a cover crop of oats or barley.
He removed the grass seeder from a rusted-out International grain drill and bolted it to three lengths of angle iron bolted on top of the culti-packer frame. The seeder's drop tubes are spaced 8 in. apart and drop seed about 1 ft. off the ground. He bought the ground-driven planter unit at a junkyard and bolted it to the back of the culti-packer frame. He ran the press wheel's drive chain up to the drive sprocket on the seeder shaft.
"I could have mounted the seeder on the drill but it wasn't designed for this drill and was easier to mount on the culti-packer," says Kaduce. "Also, the culti-packer punches the seed in without covering it too deep. I disconnect the chain from the seeder whenever I don't want to use it. The press wheel unit came with an insecticide box. I put a weight inside the box to keep it from bouncing around and to help keep the press wheel on the ground."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gaylord L. Kaduce, W4313 Willow Rd., Owen, Wis. 54460 (ph 715 229-2285).

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