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Auger/Grain-Vac Combo Moves 3,500 BU/Hr
Matching a grain vac/blower up to a conventional grain auger resulted in a high-volume handler for Illinois farmer Harold Ponder.
"I wouldn't believe the salesman when he told me how much the grain blower could do. Now, I'm a believer. Under optimum conditions we can load a 10-wheeler in 10 min., moving grain out of storage. Under perfect conditions, we can move 3,500 bu. of corn per hour, hour after hour," says Ponder, noting that beans move somewhat slower, at about two-thirds the rate of corn.
To fill bins and trucks, Ponder mounted a 6-in. dia. blower pipe on a grain auger transport gear and connected it up to his Conveyair grain blower system. He says grain rising at an angle moves more easily because it's not forced through two 90 degree turns, which is normally the case with permanently installed air-powered grain moving systems. Also, the cone collector is carried at the end of the blower pipe, so he can move the auger-blower from bin to bin with the cone attached.
The system also minimizes damage to grain. "The blower does minimum dam-age to beans," says Ponder.
To load semis, Ponder mounted a hop-per bottom bin on an overhead platform. A permanently mounted blower pipe runs up to the bin so he can load it with air.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Ponder, Hammond, Ill. 61929 (ph 217 262-3011).

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