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Floating Stock Tank Cover
With increasing reports of water shortages around the country, a new evaporation-proof floating water tank cover could be a real boon to farmers and ranchers trying to conserve scarce water.
Yardarm Sailmakers, of Needham, Mass., is selling custom-fit tank covers made from 1/4 in. thick foam rubber sheets. These sheets have reduced evaporation losses up to 90%. They also inhibit algae growth and keep the water colder since they block out sunlight. Bail holes throughout the covers permit rainwater to pass through without collecting on top.
"You can easily lose up to 7 ft. of water per year to evaporation on a 32 ft. dia. tank," explains Fred Benco, president of Yardarm Sailmakers. He says ranchers in the southwestern U.S. are showing the most interest. "Some have had to haul water to their livestock at up to $30 per 1,000 gals.," Benco told FARM SHOW.
The foam rubber covers stay on the tanks year-round. They also work on small ponds and lakes. Ice build-up won't damage them, according to Benco. He expects the covers to last a minimum of 10 years. Cost of the covers is right at 95 cents a sq. ft.
Benco suggests covering the entire tank with a floating cover and using the tank to feed an automatic waterer for livestock. He says there has also been some interest from livestock farmers for using the covers to seal odors in above-ground manure storage tanks, but he hasn't tested the covers for this purpose yet.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Yardarm Sailmakers, Inc., Fred Benco, 925 Webster St., Needham, Mass. 02192 (ph 617 444-7060).

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