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Round Baler Twine Monitor
Custom baler Laurie Brownlee, Unity, Saskatchewan, designed a twine monitor so he knows that twine is feeding out as it should during the tying process on his two New Holland 855 round balers.
"I got tired of always having to make sure both twines were feeding into my double tie balers during the tying process. Often the twine wouldn't feed around the bale. Or, the twine wouldn't get cut, so that after the bale is dropped, the twine keeps feeding out and is wasted. The light on this monitor blinks whenever twine is feeding properly. It prevents the sore neck I used to get by the end of the day from looking back," says Brownlee.
To install the monitor, Brownlee mounted deep grooved pulleys near the top of each baler, next to two twine eye-lets. He placed a stationary magnet, re-moved from a shaft monitor which he bought at a local farm supply store, above each pulley. He put another magnet on the pulley, clamping it to a bolt. To balance the weight of the magnet, he put a bolt and two nuts on the opposite side of the pulley. Then he hooked wires up to the stationary magnet and connected them to a monitor in the tractor cab. "The twine goes through the eyelets and over the pulley, causing it to turn," says Brownlee. "As the magnet on the pulley passes the stationary magnet, it creates a circuit, making the monitor light blink."
Brownlee spent $25 for the pulley and $112 for the shaft monitor, available from Ne-Dee Systems Ltd., Box 153, River-hunt, Sask., Canada SOH 3P0 (ph 306 353-2181) or Burnt Creek Farm Sales, 1317 Northview Lane, Bismarck, N. Dak. 58501 (ph 701 255-3429). The modification would work on virtually any round baler model, he says.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Laurie Brownlee, Box 1172, Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 4L0 (ph 306 228-2971).

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