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8-Wheel Wagon Has Twin Front Axles
"It pulls easier than four or six wheel wagons and balances out heavy loads for less wear and tear on the box," says Wilbert Sas, Rochester, Minn., designer-engineer of a new eight wheel 4 plus 4 wagon with twin front axles. Both front axles steer together, yet oscillate independently.
"The problem with conventional six-wheel wagons is that, under heavy load, the single front axle gets overweighted," explains Sas. He solves the problem by putting a second steerable and oscillating axle up front. He buys new six-wheel wagons (four behind and two up front) from Knowles Mfg., Glenbeulah, Wis., then installs the second front axle himself at a shop in Rochester, Minn.
"The ride on the eight-wheeler is a lot smoother than on a four or six wheel conventional wagon," according to Sas. "The eight-wheeler also pulls easier and won't bog down as quickly because of the extra flotation. And, you can carry heavier loads without worrying about bogging down the front end."
The eight-wheeler, equipped with a standard single reach, is rated at 16 tons capacity and adapts to 14 to 24 ft. forage boxes, 450 bu. grain tanks, 28 ft. flatbeds, manure spreaders and many other uses. It's factory-equipped with a V-shaped rear tandem assembly which permits easy operating in heavy mud without clogging.
"Some farmers have asked about buying our new front axle assembly and having it installed on their existing six-wheel wagons (four behind and two up front). This could be done but, in most cases, it would probably be better to buy a new factory-equipped eight wheeler since the changeover would include a lot of labor," Sas told FARM SHOW.
His eight-wheeler sells for $2,595. All moving parts have replaceable bushings. Brakes on the rear tandems, and a telescoping tongue, are optional.
For more information, contact: Custom Steil Fabricator, Wilbert Sas, 3221 Marion Rd. S.E., Rochester, Minn. 55904 (ph 507 289-5436 evenings).

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