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Swing-Out Carrier Totes Spare Tire
"This simple mechanism allows you to remove the spare tire from under your pickup in 30 seconds without having to kneel or crawl under it," explains Frank Caughey, of Fairmont Steel Products, Fairmont, Minn. "It swings the tire out to you and has no nuts or bolts to rust or freeze up."
Called the Redi-Carrier Jr., the unit fits most makes of pickups, gooseneck trailers or straight trucks. It holds the spare under the box and out of the way, and is designed so it doesn't interfere or conflict with the vehicle's hitch, says Caughey.
To remove the spare, just release a catch along the left side, then lower the unit with a small hand crank. You then grab the unit's handle bar, swing the unit out from under the pickup and lift out the tire, which rides securely in the carrier without having to be bolted down. Change the tire and reverse the procedure, putting the crank handle back in the cab. The tire can't be removed without the crank, thus helping to eliminate the possibility of tire theft.
When you trade trucks, simply remove the Redi-Carrier and put it on the new model. Sells for $139.
For more details, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Fairmont Steel Products, 1205 N. Dewey St., Fairmont, Minn. 56031 (ph. 507 2384231).

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