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IH Variable-Width Plow
It's not the first variable-width plow on the market but the new International Harvester 735 Van-Width boasts what IH officials say is an important exclusive feature - "Automatic line-of-draft adjustment".
Cutting width of individual bottoms automatically adjusts "on the go" from 14 to 22 in. The widthadjusting cylinder moves the bottoms to whatever width the operator selects. At the same time, a pivot cylinder moves the plow's hitch right or left so that the proper line of draft is automatically maintained.
"Other adjustable-width plows on the market don't have this automatic moveable hitch feature," an IH spokesman points out. "On ours, line of draft is automatically corrected at whatever point the operator selects on the scale from 14 to 22 in."
Manufacturers already on the market with variable width plows include DMI, Goodfield, Ill., and White Farm Equipment, headquartered at Oak Brook, Ill.
International is offering its 735 Van-Width semi-mounted plow with five or six bottoms. The six-bottom version, with the bottoms set at 20 in., plows a 10 ft. swath, approximately the same width as a 7 bottom, 18-in. conventional plow. Vertical clearance is 34 in.; fore and aft clearance, depending on cutting width, ranges from 33 to 37 in. Beams are available with automatic reset for rocky fields, or the exclusive IH toggle trip. The gauge wheel can be adjusted up or down to help gauge desired plowing depth up to a maximum of 12 in. Disk-type coulters for use in trashy conditions are optional. The main frame is 6 by 8 in.
"The variable-width feature allows the operator to precisely match tractor horsepower to soil conditions. In the spring, for example, he can set the cutting width to obtain complete coverage and smooth, level plowing. In the fall, the plow can be set to obtain slabby, trash-laced ridges for erosion control," the manufacturer points out. "With this versatility, the moldboard plow, for the first time, becomes a conservation-type tillage tool that can be adapted for a broad range of applications."
For more details, see your local IH dealer or contact: FARM SHOW Followup, International Harvester, 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60611 (ph 312 670-3828).

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