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Low-Cost Automatic Implement Hitch
"It's especially great during baling and chopping seasons. You just mount the automatic hitch on the tractor, pickup, chopper, baler and other farm machinery. Then, you mount a ring and springs on the wagon hitch pole and you're ready to hitch and unhitch automatically right from the tractor seat."
That's how Robert Koopman, of Auburndale, Wis., describes the time and labor-saving functions of his newly-patented automatic hitch. "My wife especially likes it for hooking up to and pulling loaded wagons with the pickup," Koopman notes.
His automatic hitching system consists of two parts. The wagon or implement tongue is replaced with a round ring and the hitch pole itself is supported with springs to keep it in a raised position. Second, the hitch on the towing vehicle or implement is replaced with a 17 by 11 in. funnel-shaped opening (made of 1/4 in. steel) which guides the wagon or implement tongue into the funnel throat. Here, a spring-loaded catch drops down and automatically hooks into the ring on the tongue.
To release the catch for unhitching, Koopman offers a choice of a manual rope pull, a hydraulic release or an electric solenoid release. Each system lifts the catch up into the throat so the ring can pull free.
"This system eliminates the need of getting on and off the tractor four times for each load, plus it's safer because there's no need for someone to stand between the wagon,and the towing vehicle," Koopman points out.
He's selling the hitch for $150. This price includes the funnelled hitch assembly and a ring to mount on the wagon or implement. Koopman advises buyers to build their own spring tongue holder. Electric and hydraulic release mechanisms are extra.
The hitch assembly fits most makes or models of tractors, trucks, wagons and implements. Koopman is especially interested in locating a manufacturer willing to incorporate the hitch onto new equipment, or to build it as an add-on accessory for existing equipment.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Koopman, Route 1, Box 39, Auburndale, Wis. 54412 (ph 715 652-2928).

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