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IH 2+2 Tractors
Next time you're in town, stop at your local International Harvester dealer and take a look at the new 4-wheel drive "2+2" row crop tractors which should be on his showroom floor about the time this issue of FARM SHOW lands in your mailbox. There's the model 3588 at 150 pto hp, and the model 3388 at 130 hp.
"Designed to fit virtually any farming or ranching operation, the new "2+2" tractors combine the advantages of row crop 2-wheel drive tractors and conventional articulated 4-wheel drive tractors," says Stanley Lancaster, vice president-general manager of IH's Ag Equipment Group.
Unlike any other tractor you've ever operated, the control center is located on the rear frame, behind the articulation joint. In designing the new models, IH engineers utilized the rear half of the current IH series 86 models. Drive components in the front axle are from the series 84 tractors. With this exception, the front half of the new series 88 tractors is totally new.
Also new is the hydraulic system, said to be the most efficient ever used in IH tractors. It consists of two variable volume piston pumps, a constant 12 gpm for steering, and an 18 gpm at 2,000 psi for a new pressure flow compensated implement lift system.
Model 3388 has a 436 cu, in., turbocharged, 6-cyl, diesel engine rated at 160 hp, which translates into 130 pto hp and 110 drawbar hp. Model 3588 has a 466 cu. in., turbocharged 6-cyl. diesel engine rated at 180 hp (150 pto hp and 127 drawbar hp.) Both engines are IH-built. Recommended oil change is every 200 hrs.
Both tractors have a 110-in. wheel base. Ground clearance for the 3388 is 14.9 in., and 16 in. forthe 3588. The 3388, at 227 in., is only 1 in. shorter than the 3588.
Weight fully equipped on both models is right at 16,300 lbs. Both models have a 15 ft., 9 in. turning radius, and both are equipped with a Power Shift Torque Amplifier transmission, allowing "on the go" shifting. A 3 mph ground speed gear is available for proper pto use with trailing equipment, such as a baler, or forage harvester. In low range and in first gear, the 3388 will travel as slow as 2.06 mph in direct drive. With the TA, it will gear down to 1.76 mph. The 3388's fastest speed, in high range and fourth gear, is 19.71 mph. The 3588 travels as low as 2.13 mph in low range, first gear direct, and 1.82 mph with the TA. Top road speed is 20.42 mph.
Options include a rear fuel tank that increases capacity to 153 gal., 118 in. axles to increase wheel treads up to 134 in., differential lock, and quick coupler for Category II or III 3-pt. hitches. The roll-back hood permits easy access to the engine compartment. The muffler is under the hood.
"Initial reaction of some operators was that the front end is too long. But, once they got behind the wheel and operated it for a short time, the negative became positive," explains Lancaster.
Price tags on the new models, fob Rock Island, Ill., are $38,695 for the 130 hp model 3388, and $43,450 for the 150 hp model 3588.
For more details, see your local IH dealer or contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Public Relations Dept., International Harvester, 401 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60611.

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