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You'll Like These New Welding Rods
Special electrodes designed to make easy work out of tough welding jobs are now available in a new Coordi-Pak kit from Coordinated Industries.
Unlike ordinary electrodes, the Coordi-Pak rods have coatings that contain a high percentage of powder metal alloys, providing an easy to strike and easily maintained arc for welding in any position, even overhead.
Here's a rundown of the three types of rods contained in the kit:
Coor-Alloy Super 1000: Once amperage is set, this electrode can be used with the drag technique in any position without changing amperage. It has a high strength (83,000 psi) and welds right through grease, paint and rust. You can bend it to reach tight places without cracking the flux coating. It can be used on any welding machine, even the smallest. You can use it to weld thin body metal without danger of burn-through. Produces perfect bead contours, regardless of the welding technique
used, and welds without spatter, according to the manufacturer. The kit contains 1 1/2 lbs. of this rod in 3/32 in. dia., and 2 lbs. in 1/8 in. dia.
Coor-Alloy 101: This nickel electrode rod has a dual flow coating which provides a soft brazing-type arc for welding cast iron without having to preheat the base metal. It'll weld thin beads at low amperage settings, reducing shrinking and cracking. Rated at up to 50,000 psi tensil strength. Kit contains 1/2 lb. of this rod in 1/8 in. dia.
Coor-Alloy 300: It works well with all steels where extra stress, strain and crack resistance is required. Rated at 112,000 psi tensil strength. Kit contains 1/2 lb. of this rod in 3/32 in. dia.
Cost of the Coordi-Pak Kit is $24.50.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Coordinated Industries, Flaugherty Run Road, Corapolis, Pa. 15108 (ph. 412 457-6600).

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