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Homemade Foam Marker For Sprayers
"Commercial foam markers can cost $900 to $1,000. I built my own out of mostly spare parts for under $200," reports Steve Dowell, Lamont, Okl.
The marker, which fits on his 40 ft. sprayer for covering wheat ground, consists of a hydraulic motor (bought new) which plugs into tractor hydraulics and powers an air compressor salvaged from a car air conditioning unit. An air line runs to the foaming solution tank. Foam bubbles out of the tank and through a 1-in. hose to a collector at the end of the boom.
Dowell made the collector out of an old tractor oil filter. He emptied out the inside and installed a nylon screen. Foam builds up on the screen and, when enough's accumulated, it falls through to the ground. Distance between foam marks can be adjusted by varying hydraulic pump speed.
Since Dowell's spray pattern is around the field, not back and forth, he has the marker on just one side of the boom. However, he notes that the system can easily be rigged with foam markers on each side.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Dowell, Rt. 1, Box 87, Lamont, Okl. 74643 (ph 405 388-4841).

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