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Side Draft Fish Carb Now On The Market
"It's the first side-mounted Fish carburetor designed to replace so-called 'up-draft' carburetors on older gas tractors," says Jim Cofield of Brown Carburetor Co., Draper, Utah., manufacturer of the Fish carburetor that has just 17 parts, only three of which move and none of which are made from plastic or pot metal.
Cofield says fuel and air are drawn out the side of the new carburetor but that otherwise it is identical in performance to the Fish, which is designed to boost mileage 20 to 30% on large, inefficient engines. Cofield says it has the same benefits on tractor engines as on pickups and is also less expensive and troublesome than some replacement side-draft carbs. To ensure that the carburetor will obtain the maximum fuel efficiency, you should take a vacuum reading at 650 rpms. If you get a reading of 18 in.or better it should work fine, says Cofield. The side-draft Fish carburetor sells for $249.
Brown Carburetor Co. has also recently introduced a larger Fish carburetor for 550 cu. in. engines and up. "It's the first time we've been able to fit larger engines like the IH 549 and 605's. The main difference between it and the standard size Fish is that it's got a big 2-in. dia. bore compared to the 1 3/4-in. bore of the standard carb," says Cofield. The new larger Fish sells for $299.50, which Cofield says is $300 to $500 less than manufacturers charge for some big replacement carbs.
Both the side-draft and 2-in. Fish carburetors are in limited production. Custom fitting is required to mount them on some engines.
Another carburetor that has just come out of development at Brown Carburetor Co., is a "dual bowl" carb that's designed to mix water and used waste oil together. Cofield says it's built like two Fish carburetors side by side and water goes into one bowl and waste oil the other. "You can't mix the two normally but when you burn them together they make 100 octane fuel," he says, noting that one of the big advantages of the Fish design is that it lets you burn alternative fuels. The new dual bowl carb, scheduled to go into production soon, will sell for $499.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brown Carburetor Co., Inc., P.O. Box 89, Draper, Utah 84020-0589 (ph 801 566-3334).

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