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Folding Stand Secures PTO Shaft For Transit
Brian Laine fabricated a folding stand to support the pto shaft on his manure spreader. The stand replaced a block of wood and a light rope Laine had previously used to hold the pto. The block and rope kept the shaft out of the dirt when not in use and let Laine move the spreader without connecting the pto first, but it was a hassle.
I was tired of tying down the pto shaft every time I moved it, says Laine. The manufacturer didnt build a shaft support, so I did. I just used metal stock I had lying around.
Laine designed the 2-piece support to rest on the spreader tongue when not needed. The uprights of the top section are 12-in. long, 1 1/2-in. by 1 1/2-in., 3/8-in. angle iron. A top cross plate is a length of 8 7/8-in. long, 3/8-in. steel. With an arc cut out of the top for a shaft rest.
I had a small piece of Lexan sitting around and decided to use it for the top clamp, says Laine. I cut an arc out to match the remaining curve of the shaft.
To attach the top clamp to the steel plate, he drilled holes through the width of the Lexan for two 10-24 by 1 1/2-in. long stainless-steel screws with plastic knobs pressed on for ease of removal. Where the screws met the steel plate, he drilled and threaded receiving holes.
The upper section hinges on a bottom plate made from two short lengths of 2 by 3-in. angle iron welded together in a U-shape. Laine used self-locking nuts to bolt the two sections together, leaving adequate play for the upper section to be raised into place and lowered, but stay in place in either position.
If I were doing it again, Id probably figure a way to accommodate different-sized shafts, perhaps with a V-shaped resting spot and hold-down clamp instead of a circle, says Laine. Its a simple design, and if anyone wants a CAD drawing with dimensions, just send me an email.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Laine, 7921 Wade Rd., Arlington, Wash. 98223 (ph 425-879-2890; brianlaine@aol.com; www.lainefamily.com).

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