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Built-To-Order Attachments Made To Last
Order a root grapple, dirt blade, or bucket tooth bar from Everything Attachments (EA) and you know it is going to last. Items are made from heavy-duty, often hardened steel, and nearly all are made in EA’s North Carolina shop.
    “Other companies try to make things cheaper for a bigger profit,” says Nate McAbee, Everything Attachments. “We find people are willing to pay more for products built to last. We make about 95 percent of what we sell, and we sell directly to the customer.”
    What you don’t get with EA is next-day delivery, or possibly next week or perhaps even next month. Wait time can be as low as 2 weeks or as high as 6 mos. It all depends on orders received and the staff available to build them.
    “Right now, we’re fully staffed, so wait time is around 8 to 10 weeks,” says McAbee. “Growing the workforce is our biggest challenge. If you could see how we make our attachments, you’d understand.”
    Everything starts with high-quality steel. Each part of an item, like a tooth bar for a bucket, is custom cut and milled. The final touch is adding the ears to fit the customer’s bucket.
    “Everything is handmade and hand cut out of the best material we can find,” states McAbee.
    McAbee says the wait time is worth it, and his customers agree. For those who want something faster, he has an answer.
    “I tell them to go ahead and order from the competition,” he says with a laugh, adding, “Maybe it’ll last until you get ours. I’ll get calls saying, ‘I need yours because mine broke.’”
    EA’s website is like a Christmas toy catalog for adults owning tractors and skid steers. Tractor attachments alone are broken into 36 separate groups, with loader buckets broken into six subgroups with a total of 36 different buckets to choose from.
    EA’s most popular selling item is the 55-in. Wicked Root Grapple. In addition to being made with AR450 Hardox steel, it has toothed edges between the grapples for even greater gripping.
    “When others break, the seller will tell the buyer they did something they shouldn’t have,” says McAbee. “We can’t break ours. It’ll last a lifetime. We’ve hooked an excavator to it and lifted the tractor it was attached to off the ground, and the grapple didn’t bend.”
    What few products the company carries that they don’t make are made by other American suppliers. The only exceptions are tillers from Sicma in Italy and the Agrimetal product line from Canada. One thing the company promises it’ll never do is to carry anything made in China.
    “We’re committed to offering American-made products from quality American manufacturers,” declares owner Ted Corriher on the company website.
    Almost as impressive as the list of products and commitment to quality are the company’s videos. EA’s YouTube channel has more than 55,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos.
    While most are product promotion, many feature how-to-use content. Some are strictly informational. Many have received tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of views. “How to Plow a Garden with a 2-Bottom Plow” has recorded a million and a half views, while “How to Use a Landscape Rake (part 1)” has reached 1.8 million views. Combined with customer referrals, EA doesn’t need to do much promotion.
    “Word of mouth is our biggest sales tool,” says McAbee. “We’ve been making the videos for 13 years, but we once went a year without doing any. When orders are coming in fast, we don’t need to fuel the beast.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Everything Attachments, 1506 Emmanuel Church Rd., Conover, N.C. 28613 (ph 866-581-5818; sales@everythingattachments.com; www.everythingattachments.com).

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