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Autonomous Unit Cuts, Transports, And Feeds Fresh Grass
The Lely Exos is the first autonomous solution to harvest and feed fresh grass to cattle up to 12 times per day. Its capabilities include mowing, transporting, feeding, and fertilizing.
††††Inge Baars, Sr. Corporate Communications Specialist, points out that the addition of fresh grass to cattle rations maximizes the use of a plantís nutrients, protein, and energy, translating into more milk. Research has shown cows eating fresh grass also expel less methane due to the increased digestibility of the grass.
††††The Exos receives orders from the aligned software system, independently drives to the field, cuts the desired amount of grass, and liquid fertilizes immediately. The fresh grass is carried back to the farm and distributed to the animals. Between assignments, it recharges and waits for new directions.
††††The machine is fully electric with battery pack, power control, computer, and drive control placed in a low position in the center of the machine. Itís equipped with 4-WD and steering. A double knife cutter bar aided by plastic flaps cuts and conveys grass carefully onto a belt which transfers the product into a 3.4-ton hopper. Front and rear-mounted cameras improve timely speed and stopping capabilities, and GPS provides accurate navigation while ultrasonic sensors are focused for tight areas.
††††Grass is weighed for yield and feed results, and electrically driven rollers discharge the forage on either side.
††††Lely has dealers throughout North America that can be found on their website locator page. Interested customers are encouraged to contact their local Lely representative for pricing and availability.
††††Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lely Headquarters, Cornelis van der Lelylaan 1 3147 PB Maassluis The Netherlands (ph +011 31 88 122 8221; communications@lely.com; www.lely.com).

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