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Air-Powered Windrower Has Fewer Moving Parts
To increase shredding and windrowing efficiency, Loftness developed a 20 ft. wide, “air delivery,” side discharge shredder and windrower as an option to typical center delivery equipment.
  “End or side delivery adds efficiency because we can take 20 ft. of material and transfer it all to one end,” says Bill Schafer, Loftness Product Manager. “When we return on the next cut, we’re taking another 20 ft. and adding it to the single windrow.”
  While most traditional windrowers use mechanical means such as augers, drag chains, or rubber draper belts to convey crop material, the updated Loftness unit uses airflow generated by the combination knives. The unique shape and careful placement of the rear wing create a vortex action that keeps the product in suspension and directs it to a diffuser at the end of the machine.
  “By adding to the knife count, this combination of knives gives us the right amount of airflow for delivery and chopping action for sizing the product, all while allowing faster ground speeds than previous models,” Schafer says. “We get the cutting action we want and a controlled amount of air running through the machine.”
  Clogging issues from augers and other mechanical transfer equipment are minimized or even eliminated. Replacing mechanical equipment with an air conveying system also reduces the number of moving parts to maintain.
  “It does a good job, picks the material up nice and clean, with less ash in the product compared to chopping and raking, which is another method sometimes used to harvest stalks,” Schafer says.
  The Loftness air-powered units are currently offered in a 20 ft. width, are manufactured in Hector, Minn., and distributed through their North American dealers.
  Schafer encourages interested farmers to contact them through the website or their closest dealer for information and pricing details.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Loftness, 650 S. Main St., Hector, Minn. 55342 (ph 800-828-7624; info@loftness.com; www.loftness.com).

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