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Bunker Silage Facer Boosts Efficiency
The Easy Rake Silage Facer from Hanson Silo takes silage off the face of silage piles without affecting quality and does it faster and safer than other methods. It also does the job with fewer moving parts for less maintenance. They make models that can reach out up to 40 ft.
“The Easy Rake Silage Facer was developed and brought to market by dairy farmers,” says Mike Hanson, Hanson Silo. “We sold facers for years and had looked at different types, like rotary facers. The Easy Rake fits our model. It’s simple, with virtually no moving parts to replace. It’s kind of one-and-done.”
Hanson Silo makes a wide range of facers starting at $3,300. The long-arm attachments fit on a wide range of equipment, from skid steers to telehandlers, tractors, and payloaders.
The heavy-duty tines on the end of the steel arm work like fingers across the face of the silage. The arm extends the tines out from the lift arm mechanism of the skid steer, telehandler, or payloader for greater reach. Tine units come in 6, 7, and 8-ft. widths. Arm lengths vary from 4 ft. to 20 ft., and weights range from 500 lbs. to 2,500 lbs.
A quick-connect coupler is mounted to the rear of the Easy Rake frame, eliminating the need for the operator to leave the cab when shifting between facing the silage and using a bucket to load the silage into a mixer or feed wagon.
With an Easy Rake Facer sized to the bunker face, it pulls free only the silage needed for that day from the top of the face down. This prevents dangerous undermining, breaks up large chunks, and blends forage ahead of the feed mixer. It reduces spoilage and dry matter loss and retains particle length. Other more aggressive, motorized facers can grind silage particles up.
With no moving parts, there are no bearings to go out, chains and tighteners to be replaced, motors and sprockets to give out, or hydraulic hoses to be unhooked.
Hanson Silo sells the Easy Rake Facer through local dealers of feed mixers and other equipment. “TMR mixer dealers have been our most successful dealers,” says Hanson. “They understand the importance of maintaining quality feed ingredients.”
The Easy Rake Facer may have started life on a U.S. dairy farm, but its reputation has spread. “We’ve sold quite a few outside the U.S.,” says Hanson. “We have a dealer in Australia and have sold them in Uruguay, China, Russia, and Hungary.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hanson Silo, 11587 County Rd. 8 SE, Lake Lillian, Minn. 56253 (ph 320-664-4171; hscinfo@hansonsilo.com; www.hansonsilo.com).

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