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Sprinkler Head Saves Water, Increases Yield
Ball-shaped, center-pivot sprinkler heads from Idem Irrigation have proven to be more effective at delivering insecticide and fertilizer. Now a design variation on the Idem-Ball has proven equally effective at reducing water loss and has moved rapidly to the market. The Omni-Directional Sprinkler Head has delivered a yield increase of up to 7.92 percent, reduced water stress days, and increased soil saturation and deeper root growth.
“Our company founder was working with the University of Nebraska on pest control,” says Jeremy Becker, Idem Irrigation. “They wanted a delivery device to spray compounds to the underside of the corn leaf.”
A ball design with very small holes on the top proved effective for pesticide delivery. That raised the question of using a ball design for a center pivot sprinkler head. Two years ago, Idem Irrigation was formed to deliver on the technology.
“Sprinkler applications required a different orifice plus different locations of holes in the ball,” says Becker. “Our sprinkler balls put out more of a stream of water versus a spray of fine droplets. We’re seeing yield increases as more water gets to the ground where the crop can use it.”
Becker reports less runoff with the sprinkler balls, depending on soil type. Drop extensions lower the balls closer to the ground. The biggest impact on water use results from less wind drift and evaporation compared to standard center pivot sprinklers. This has been supported by some soil moisture probe data.
Idem Irrigation has introduced sprinkler ball technology to the market. The pesticide/fertilizer delivery application is still in development.
“The pesticide application ball design has proven more effective compared to crop dusters trying to fog a crop,” says Becker. “We’re still in the early stages of the next generation of designs for use in pest and fertilizer delivery.”
Another innovation that has been brought to market quickly is the Idem-Neck. Four times stronger than traditional drop necks, it can withstand up to 400 lbs. of force. A major benefit is alleviating thread break-off at the main center pivot pipe.
“In our part of the country, we see a lot of rust, whether from bad water, fertigation through the pivots, or mineral water from feedlots,” says Becker. “We’ve eliminated rust with a fitting that straps onto the pivot pipe to anchor it for attaching the drop.”
The Idem-Ball Sprinkler Head with 32-in. drop assembly is priced at $34.98. The Idem-Necks are priced at $29.99 each and are designed to work with any pivot and drop.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Idem Irrigation, 2860 Holliday Park Dr., Gering, Neb. 69341 (ph 888-869-4336; info@IdemIrrigation.com; www.idemirrigation.com).

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