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New App Shares Combine Settings
Save grain and make more money with better combine settings via the Combinesettings.com app. Use the web-based app to share settings, such as concave, fan speed, and more, with others running the same combine in the same crop in your general area. Trevor Scherman, his wife Michelle, and their partner Megan Madden came up with the app as a way to share high-value information between combine operators.
“Incorrect settings throw thousands of dollars out the back of a combine,” says Scherman. “Peer-to-peer information is the best way to set your combine up for top performance. However, ask about combine settings with online groups like Facebook, and you’re likely to get comments that make fun of the question or criticize it.”
With the Combinesettings.com app, users are verified when they sign up. They identify the combine they run, the settings they use, and the area where they farm, as well as the crops they raise.
Scherman is confident the sharing of information up front encourages others to do the same. The Reddit-style site allows comments and questions under certain topic questions.
“We’re trying to get rid of the noise of other online groups, such as comments from people who don’t even run a combine,” says Scherman.
The Schermans and Madden began introducing the app midsummer to a limited number of users. Since Combinesettings.com won the Ag in Motion Innovations Award for Business Solutions, it’s attracted so much attention from farmers that the website has crashed repeatedly. A new, more robust website has been developed for farmers and others.
“We’ve had a lot of combine dealers and after-market manufacturers approach us about getting their customers signed up,” says Scherman. “They hope to reach out to their customers more efficiently through the app than actually going to the field.”
The app can be downloaded at no cost by signing up on the website and sharing information. In mid-November, the company plans to introduce a $199 per year fee structure in addition to the free app. Among other features, it’ll allow users to indicate which settings for a particular combine and crop have proven most valuable. They’ll also be able to save settings with the app and share comments on settings with other users.
“We’re working on a map that will allow users to draw a virtual circle in a given area, such as a 300 to 400-mile diameter, to see who’s running a similar combine to theirs,” says Scherman. “We’ll be adding more features as more users join. Every time we launch a feature, users come up with more combines and combine models to include.”
The partners have been signing up users at farm shows and have also started a user group in Australia.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Combinesettings.com, Battleford, Sask., Canada (ph 833-567-7726; admin@combinesettings.com; www.combinesettings.com).

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