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Seed Tenders Built Right, Priced Right
The EC Series SpeedTenders have state-of-the-art features and a retail price of $38,475. Those factors have stoked demand, according to Mike Vujea, J&M Manufacturing.
“The ‘Bottom-less Pit’ auger and the Echo Dispense System are our two most valued features on the EC 270 seed tenders, which were introduced in 2020,” he says. “The auger design extends the distance between the intake area and the bottom end of the auger, minimizing seed damage. After the first seed box has been filled, the Echo Dispense System mimics the timing and easily fills the rest of the boxes consistently and evenly.”
Vujea explains that the increased distance in the auger design prevents seed that’s not immediately carried up the auger from grinding and cracking at the bottom of the tube.
“This virtually eliminates the chance of cracking seed and provides optimal performance for maximum germination rates when planting,” says Vujea.
While the tender is equipped with many essential industry features, it’s the Echo Dispense System that helps keep the price in check. Vujea notes that other more expensive seed tenders use scales to ensure each seed box is filled to the same level.
“Scales can add considerable expense,” explains Vujea.
Manual door openers, auger swing, and height positioning also help hold down the cost. Other economy seed tenders use linear actuators with increase and decrease throttle buttons to start and stop the auger. This can make it difficult to get an accurate fill, especially with a row planter. The timed delivery with the Echo Dispense System utilizes a single button. Once the first seed box has been filled, pressing the Echo button automatically increases the throttle to the desired speed when filling subsequent boxes.
Another J&M exclusive feature is the patent-pending GlideRight roll tarp design. Grooved rollers roll along the edge of the end caps for consistent tracking and reduced misalignment. Front and rear return springs apply even tension to each end of the tarp. This reduces binding and prevents uneven rolling compared to other spring and cable assemblies.
Standard features with the EC Series SpeedTender include a 7-in. diameter unloading auger. Its poly-cup interior flighting is driven by a 4.8-hp. electric start Honda engine. The engine is located on the driver’s side for easy access. A wired controller starts and stops the auger.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J&M Manufacturing Company, P.O. Box 547, Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846 (ph 419-375-2376; sales@jm-inc.com; www.jm-inc.com).

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