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Sprayer Uses Blue Light To Target Weeds
Weed-It Precision Spraying has developed a sprayer for fruit and orchard farmers that greatly reduces herbicide use compared to broadcasting.
The Weed-It Quadro, manufactured by Dutch company Rometron, uses specially designed sensors to emit blue light, which is absorbed by chlorophyll in the weeds. Booms spray only the designated weeds at speeds up to 16 mph.
The boom is divided into four (Quadro) detection zones of every Weed-It sensor, each accounting for about 10 in. of the entire boom width. These small zones are extremely accurate due to the blue LED lighting, which has proven to be more sensitive and efficient in identifying weeds than red LED lighting.
The detection sensors and processor deliver the right amount of spray at the right place, day or night.
Its single integrated sensor and solenoid cable harness are easy to install and remove from almost every type and model of sprayer.
Weed-It has been working with Michigan State University assistant professor and weed scientist Sushila Chaudhari, testing and evaluating the systemís settings and impact on weed control and herbicide volume in apple, blueberry, and grape stands.
  Interested customers are encouraged to check out the Weed-It website for further information, availability and pricing details.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Weed-It Quadro, Rometron, Hoge Wesselink 8, 7221 CJ Steenderen, The Netherlands (ph +31 (0) 575 - 45 11 11; info@rometron.nl; www.weed-it.com)

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