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A2 Flavored Milk, Ice Cream Catching On
Raspberry, cookies and cream, salted caramel, and of course, chocolate are just a few of the flavors of milk found at Destiny Dairy Bar in Carlisle, Penn. Made with A2 protein milk, they’re easy to digest. And with creamline milk, right from the cows and minimally pasteurized, the milk is higher in protein with a creamy flavor.
    Amy Brickner tested and gave out hundreds of samples before selling flavored milk at her family’s third-generation dairy farm. It was her creative way to offer an added-value product.
    “I wanted something unique to get people interested in drinking milk again. Between flavors of yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese, milk is incredibly diverse,” Brickner says. She started by putting bottles in a cooler outside the milk parlor for friends to taste. Raspberry was the first, and four different kinds of chocolate soon followed.
    Brickner takes a portion of the milk from her family’s 85-cow herd to a farm that bottles the milk and also churns ice cream for Destiny Dairy. The milk comes in pints and quarts, with pints the most popular.
    Brickner is in the process of hooking up a processing container on the farm that will allow her to make and bottle the flavored milk in small batches. She’ll be able to offer more flavors at a time and have less waste. The shelf life for the flavored milk is 14 days. She also hopes to meet customer requests and add other products, such as drinkable yogurts, fresh cheeses, and cottage cheese.
    “Customers bring their families week after week and love to get close to the animals and experience parts of the farm. They keep thanking me,” Brickner says.
    In addition to the on-farm store with dairy and beef products, there are two petting zoo areas, a balcony viewing area of the milking parlor, and opportunities to feed animals. Brickner is passionate about educating customers about how local farmers care for their animals, and she offers tours by reservation.
    Working with other family members, Brickner is determined to continue her family’s dairy legacy and create a sustainable farm that provides quality products.
    “I don’t want to expand. I want to help the next farmer in the next town to do the same thing. It has to be local,” she says.
    With about 14 flavors already, she plans to continue to add more flavored milk seasonally, offering concoctions such as Malibu coconut rum in the summer and pumpkin pie in the fall, for example.
    “I’m still trying to work on a key lime, it’s driving me crazy,” she says, with a laugh.
    For more information about her farm’s location and available products, check out the website.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Amy Brickner, Destiny Dairy Bar, 60 Horners Rd., Carlisle, Penn. 17015 (ph 717-636-3042; Amybrickner28@gmail.com; www.destinydairybar.com).

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