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New EZY Load Truck First Of Its Kind
That first-of-its-kind EZY Load truck from Australia, first featured in FARM SHOW a year ago, is now being manufactured for marketing in North America by Walco, of Elmira, Ontario.
"There's been a lot of interest," reports E. H. Wahl, president, who first learned about the new-style truck through FARM SHOW's original report. Instead of EZY Load, he has named the unit EZY-On, EZY-Off. The platform bed lowers to the
ground for walk-on loading of livestock, or drive-on loading of machinery or equipment.
The platform remains parallel with the ground at all times as it's raised hydraulically into regular position for down-the-road travel. "It allows goods to be loaded from any height from ground level to regular operating height. A truck equipped with the platform can travel at normal speeds and carry a normal payload," Wahl points out.
"We think it has good possibilities for sod farmers, for growers of truck and specialty crops, and for breeders of cattle or horses. Livestock can be walked right onto the lowered platform. The entire livestock loading or unloading operation - without a chute - takes only about 30 seconds," says Wahl.
He is offering the EZY-On, EZY-Off to fit most 3/4 ton or larger pickups. Capacity of the unit itself is rated at 1,000 lbs. (A larger 1,500 lb. capacity model will be available soon.)
Cost of the complete add-on unit, with box, is $4,500 (less installation) in Canadian dollars. Or, it's available without the box for right at $3,500.
Inventor of the new-style truck is K. A. Rolfe, Nutley, Goovigen, Box 22, Queensland, Australia 4702.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walco of Elmira Ltd., 25 Water Street West, Elmira, Ont., Canada M3B 1L6 (ph 519 6695463).

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