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One Pass Cover Crop Seeding And Harvesting
Get one-pass precision cover crop seed distribution while harvesting with the Harvest Seeder from Red Barn Solutions. The combine-mounted Montag Gen II 2108 air seeder distributes seed evenly under the corn snout or across the soybean head ahead of crop residue. The company’s system was the result of a neighbor’s request.
“Our neighbor wanted to seed his cover crops while combining but didn’t want to go the spreader route and distribute seed out the back,” says Dan Puck, Red Barn Solutions. “We considered the Stauffer unit and Montag. We went with Montag, but our mount could handle either one.”
Puck explains that they felt the Montag was more horsepower-efficient, and the metering augers were more consistent than Stauffer’s venturi style.
“The Montag Gen II 2108 holds about 60 bushels,” says Puck. “That would seed about 50 lbs. per acre and cover about 50 acres between fills. At a quarter or half a bushel per acre, it would do a lot more.”
Red Barn’s first unit was installed on the neighbor’s soybean header for the fall of 2022. A second one was completed for a Montag dealer that year and a third was completed for field testing by the Missouri Soybean Association this fall. All are compatible with Deere S Series combines with corn and bean heads.
Mounting the Montag to the combine was the biggest challenge Puck faced. An ISO plug was added to accommodate a Raven rate controller. A mounting post was bolted to the axle. This required the passenger step to be rebuilt.
“The Montag Harvest Seeder post mount allows it to be pulled away from the combine for needed repair or servicing,” says Puck. “We considered using combine hydraulics to power the Montag, but there wasn’t a good point to draw oil from, and we wanted to avoid possible warranty problems.”
Instead, he machined a new pulley for the combine to power a fully enclosed hydraulic system. It has a flow rate of 18 to 20 gpm at 2000 to 2,500 rpm’s. Puck notes that the system uses about 10 hp.
For the neighbor’s unit, Puck ran hoses from the Harvest Seeder to the soybean header using quick disconnect couplers. He used stainless steel splitters under the head with one hose to each of four drops. Deflector shields or pans under the header, including under the center lift cylinder, scatter the seed for even distribution.
“It takes two guys about a day to mount the system and the same to install the deflector shields on the back of the combine header,” says Puck. “The more elaborate the head, the more time it takes.”
Mounting the Harvest Seeder to a corn head is more involved. Steel tubing runs under each snout, so seed is dropped before the snapping rolls drop stalk residue.
“We’re shooting for the best soil/seed contact before the trash settles,” says Puck. “Our Iowa testing included a cover crop mix of oats, turnips, and radishes following soybeans.”
He’s now working with other applications, including installing the system on a Degelman header. Puck would also consider putting a unit on a tillage tool.
Red Barn Solutions is displaying the system at various farm shows throughout the off-season. Distribution to date has been limited, but Puck hopes to market the system through the Montag dealer network.
“The base unit for most heads costs about $10,000,” says Puck. “The price for the entire system is around $75,000 to $80,000, depending on options.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Red Barn Solutions, 1130 100th St., Manning, Iowa 51455 (ph 712-790-9587; danpuck@red-barn.com; www.harvestseeder.com) or Montag Manufacturing, 3816 461st Ave., Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536 (ph 712-517-2775; info@montagmfg.com; www.montagmfg.com).

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