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Scooter Built From “Weber Weeder”
“I built this scooter last winter out of two old Weber Weeders, which were powered one-person rigs for spot spraying weeds in fields, among many other uses,” says Brian Andrews, Rossville, Ill.
FARM SHOW featured the nifty Weber Weeder in our very first issue 47 years ago (Vol. 1, No. 1). They were designed and built in Weber, Anchor, Ill., and were controlled by foot pedals, leaving the operator’s hands free to hold a spot spray want or even a hoe.
Brian built his scooter out of two Weber Weeders. “Almost every part on the scooter came from the two machines. After I finished building the scooter, I had parts left over, so I build a sidecar. The top and front are adjustable for the right pitch and camber.
“It was fun to build, and both kids and adults like taking it for a ride. It runs really smooth.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Andrews, 34315 N. 1300 E, Rossville, Ill. 60963 (ph 217-748-6434; brianandnorma1@gmail.com).

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