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Where To Buy High-Quality Sawblades
Diamond Saw Works offers a wide variety of high-quality saw blades under their Sterling Saw Blades brand. That alone would be enough to draw saw blade users to the company website. However, even if you don’t need a new saw blade, the site is worth visiting. The 132-year-old company offers visitors a wide variety of technical guides, troubleshooting and how-to videos for the selection, installation, and best practice use of every type of saw blade.
    “We work hard to make sure people get what they need,” says Brian Clark, general sales manager, Diamond Saw Works.
    The employee-owned company manufactures everything they sell at its factory in Chaffee, N.Y. The expertise they offer comes from a history of innovation.
    “Early on, the company introduced the Broach Tooth design that varied the blade from fine pitch to more course,” says Clark. “It was unique to our blades and kept the company alive through the depression. Later, we invented varied tooth pitch saw blades and held that patent until the early 1970’s. Now everyone makes them.”
    Another source of expertise is the employees. Clark is in his 36th year with the company, having started out heat-treating carbon bandsaw blades. He isn’t just selling saw blades; he has made them.
    “We started in 1890 making power hacksaw machines for use with line shafts,” says Clark. “Eventually, saw blades replaced the machines. Today we make all types of blades for jigsaws, reciprocating saws, power hacksaw blades, and portable bandsaws. Our bandsaw blades range from 3/16 to 3 in. widths. We have four warehouses around the country where we cut and weld bandsaws. Our bread-and-butter is metal cutting bandsaw blades, but we also sell into the woodworking market, from benchtop to portable.”
    Blades of seemingly every type of tooth design, coating, and treatment are available. Specialty blades include fire and rescue, demolition, splinter-free cuts in fiberglass, wood and plexiglass, as well as clean cuts in cast iron, brick, stone and more. The company even offers a Pallet Reclaim Collection with blades designed for pallet dismantling with bandsaws and reciprocating saws. The company cites a specially modified wave set pattern that reduces the force needed to cut through pallets. This prolongs blade life and reduces operator fatigue.
    Other help and support FAQs cover when to use a bi-metal or carbon blade, broach tooth or posi-tooth, and why a break-in procedure is important to a bandsaw blade.
    “When the redesign is finished, we’ll be adding some new how-to videos,” he says. “In the meantime, give us a call if you have any questions. If you need a blade, we can direct you to our nearest distributor or bandsaw cut and weld warehouse.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Diamond Saw Works, 12290 Olean Rd., Chaffee, N.Y. 14030 (ph 800-828-1180; sales@diamondsaw.com; www.diamondsaw.com).

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