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Mobile Tool System Opens Up Wide
The Shadow Tool Staging System from Shadow Tool Company takes tool cabinets to a new level. Open the panels on the 36-in. wide cabinet, and you have a 7 1/2-ft. wide wall of tools. One glance and a needed tool can be located. At the end of the day, one glance tells you if all the tools have been returned.
“My brother is a mechanic and was tired of having to walk back and forth to get tools to work on equipment,” says Kelly Tvrdy Benes, Shadow Tool Company. “He showed me a cabinet on wheels that he built, and I was speechless. He redesigned the concept of a toolbox. With the help of other mechanics, we spent 6 years refining and redesigning it, and getting feedback.”
Benes previously designed automated equipment and helped inventors find manufacturers and markets. With her brother, the first step was securing a patent, then came revisions and improvements, such as 8-in. wheels and split panels and adding features suggested by other mechanics.
The Shadow comes in two models. Both are 36 in. wide and 30 in. deep and expand to 7 1/2 ft. when opened. The TSS 5.2 is 5 ft., 2 in. high, and offers keyed lock and lower drawer security, two large tool canister racks, a driver holding bank, shelves, a 10 by 14-in. swivel out worktable, extension panels, and more. The 800 lb., 6-ft. 5-in. tall, TSS 6.5 includes all the features of the 5.2. but is taller.
Both models include an LED lighting system with battery backup for remote work, 110-volt duplex ports, USB A and C style ports, a 12-volt outlet, a GFI safety outlet, and a covered male inlet port.
The optional Master Accessory Package (MAP) includes specially designed racks and hooks for a multitude of tools. It also offers an electrical lead and cord wrap, a magnetic cell phone holder, and other features.
Priced at $16,300 ($17,200 with MAP) for the TSS 5.2 and $16,500 ($17,500 with the MAP) for the TSS 6.5, the tool staging cabinets are finding a diverse customer base. It includes professional mechanics and the companies they work for in widely different industries. The key, according to Benes, is the ability to save time and reduce losses, both key to a better bottom line.
“If a mechanic can save 90 min. a day running back and forth for tools, that’s a huge savings for companies facing a shortage of mechanics,” she explains. “Shadow Tool Staging Systems are basically a mobile workshop. Compared to automotive and diesel toolboxes, we’re actually on the low end. Some of them can run $25,000 to $30,000.”
Cost cutting comes through time saved, but also fewer lost tools and potential damage to equipment. “We’ve had a huge response from the military and aviation markets,” says Benes. “Foreign objects left behind can take out a jet turbine. A military procurement officer described a wrench left behind in a tank tread that cost $3 million in repairs.”
Benes said the reception to the Shadow Staging System has been intense. “Anyone who has touched a wrench starts drooling,” she says. “Until Shadow came along, there wasn’t a solution to a large volume of tools that had a small footprint when not used. It doesn’t take up space, yet it expands into a large tool wall for easy access to all the tools used regularly.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Shadow Tool Company, 3157 Farnum St. #7104-208, Omaha, Neb. 68131 (ph 402-401-6600 or 402-720-9008 or toll-free 844-742-3698; info@shadowstagingsystem.com; www.shadowstagingsystem.com).

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