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Lock Protects Lunette Ring Hitch
Mean Dog Lock is a Michigan business dedicated to protecting trailers from theft. The company’s ring lock, branded as the “ultimate in trailer security,” is designed for two and four-bolt lunette ring hitches.
“The company started in 2018 when I would send my friends with trailers to my welder buddy,” says founder Ron Glenn. “He would make custom locks for them because the locks on the market were failing us.”
One evening, Glenn was hit with inspiration for a new lock design. The resulting lock is made from 1/4-in. welded steel and corrosion-resistant zinc plating. To use, insert the lock assembly over the trailer’s lunette ring. Insert the pin from the bottom, place the puck lock down onto the tab of the pin, and lock it. You can use it on landscaping trailers, dumpsters, heavy equipment, chippers, generators, and more to keep them safe from outside tampering.
Most existing lunette ring locks focus on protecting the inner ring on the lock but don’t protect the screws and nuts. In contrast, the Mean Dog Lock secures the screws and nuts and blocks the ring coupler from adding another lunette ring. It’s also reversible to protect lunette rings on the upper ring of the coupler where the bottom is exposed.
The two-bolt kit retails for $329 and is compatible with any two-bolt lunette ring trailer setup. A similar four-bolt kit retails for $349.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mean Dog Trailer Lock, 1545 Clay St., Detroit, Mich. 48211 (ph 248-791-2411; meandogtrailerlock@gmail.com; www.meandoglock.com).

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