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The Ultimate Pick-It-Up Tool
Kenn Buxton of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was tired of trying to retrieve his cell phone when it slid out of his pocket and down between the seat and console. So, he invented the market’s first telescopic, collapsible, pick-up tool that he calls the ODii (OH-dee).
“The operator controls the grip strength,” Buxton says. “When using other tools on the market, you push on the plunger and then it’ll retract by itself with a spring.
“That means the claw strength is only as strong as the spring within the unit,” he says. “My claw can lift up to 10 lbs., which is much higher than others on the market.”
The ODii can stretch anywhere from 19 in. to 36 in., depending on the model.
The shorter model would be good to have around the house for things like dropped items in a kitchen sink drain.
The 36-in. model is more heavy-duty aluminum, and that’s great for someone working on a farm who needs more reach and durability.
There are three models, starting with the Ultimate Grab-it Gadget. It extends up to 19 in., has a flexible claw, a detachable ultra-bright LED light, controllable grip strength, a 23-in. magnet attachment, and holds up to 10 lbs.
The Pick-up Pro Power Grip is a three-in-one design with a 36-in. reach, a stronger and longer magnet, an ultra-bright detachable LED light, an all-aluminum body, and holds up to 10 lbs.
The Grabber Hero 5 is a new five-in-one design featuring a 19-in. extendable, flexible claw and has a light, magnet, and an aluminum-reinforced body.
The five-in-one also has an integrated seat belt cutter and auto safety glass smasher to help folks after a car accident.
The Ultimate Grab-it Gadget sells for $29.99, the Pick-up Pro Power Grip is $39.99, and the Grabber Hero 5 is also $39.99.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kenn Buxton, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada (odiihelp@gmail.com; www.odiiproducts.com).

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