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Shoulder Shot Shoots Safety Ropes
The Shoulder Shot from DTX Tooling is a fast and accurate tool for securing safety ropes, whether up a tree, over a roof, or climbing a tower. Unlike conventional launchers, no black powder is needed.
“We were making and marketing pneumatically powered bait cannons for surf fishing when black powder power was banned due to wildfire danger,” recalls Malcolm Dooley, DTX Tooling. “We were contacted by several major utilities asking if we could make a safety rope launcher. We developed the Shoulder Shot, and the business took off overnight.”
“The arbor industry is probably our largest customer base,” says Dooley. “However, we also sell Shoulder Shots to rescue departments, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, as well as to a variety of customers in Canada and Europe.”
Rooftop solar panel installers are a growing market for the Shoulder Shot, as are homeowners wanting to climb onto their roofs safely. “There’s no better way to safely access a roof than bolting something to it,” says Dooley. “Simply site over the roof, tie the rope to an anchor on the other side, and connect the rope to your safety harness.”
The Arborist Shoulder Shot shoots a 12-oz. bag up to a 250 ft. vertical distance with high accuracy. A lightweight throwline is attached to the bag. Once it reaches its targeted position, it’s attached to a heavier safety rope, which is then pulled into place.
The more powerful Compact Cannon and Cannon Launcher can reach even greater distances, both vertical and linear.
All three units have a spring-loaded safety on the valve release to prevent accidental misfires. Recharging the air chamber on the Shoulder Shot can be done with a handheld air pump or a portable CO2 tank. The larger units come with a DC-powered compressor for recharging.
DTX sells the line launchers through distributors. Prices vary. Forestry Suppliers sells the Arborist Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler for $212.95.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Malcolm Dooley, DTX Tooling (ph 512-939-4299; Malcolm@DTXTooling.com; www.dtxtooling.com).

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