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They’re Experts At Monitoring Grain Bins
Calian Agriculture has grain bin sensor systems that range from hand-held devices that read in-bin sensors to multi-bin sensing systems that monitor temperature and moisture and automate fan systems to optimize aeration.
“We started with Bin-Sense Direct that lets you use your smartphone to monitor moisture and temperature with in-bin cables,” says Craig Stewart, Calian Agriculture. “Then we introduced Bin-Sense Live. It reported temperature and moisture levels via a cellular network to the bin operator.”
Bin-Sense Live is powered by batteries or a solar panel. It sends hourly grain temperature and moisture readings via text or email alerts. It also offers proactive grain management, allowing the operator to control fans remotely.
Last year, Calian introduced Bin-Sense Solo. It transmits temperature and moisture levels daily from up to four sensing cables per bin.
“It’s intended for use with one or two bins and is ideal for remote bins,” says Stewart. “It can last up to 5 years on a single set of batteries or be powered by a solar panel. If you already have Bin-Sense Direct, you can upgrade by connecting the cables to Solo.”
Calian’s latest upgrade was launched a few months ago. Bin-Sense Plus, a multi-bin system, delivers hourly grain and ambient air temperature and moisture readings to the automation hub via remote units on individual bins in the system. It also offers automatic grain conditioning if bins are equipped with fan-ready remotes.
“Bin-Sense Plus automates fan systems for optimal grain quality and delivers grain storage information to your mobile or desktop device,” says Stewart. “Users can set fan operation parameters and target outcomes on the Bin-Sense website and receive alerts via email and texts.”
Calian offers three different subscription plans, including $48 per year per Solo device. A Live master unit with up to 16 bins is $375 per year. The annual subscription rate for Bin-Sense Plus is $600 per year per hub.
Calian started in western Canada but is now marketed throughout North America as far south as Tennessee and Arkansas. The company also sells monitoring cables and a fan controller.
“Call us or talk to your local dealer to price the monitoring system that’s right for you,” says Stewart.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bin Sense, 118 Husum Rd., RM of Sherwood, Sask., Canada S4K 0A4 (ph 306-570-7979; toll-free 833-570-7979; sales@binsense.com; www.binsense.com).

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